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About - Beauty With Bodden

Beauty With Bodden is run by Anika Bodden, I am a professional makeup artist and Skin Specialist/Esthetician based out of Toronto.













Anika attended CMU College Of Makeup Art and Design - enrolled in the Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program for the duration of 7 months. The Comprehensive makeup course covers a unit on Hair, Fashion, Film & Television, Special Effects and Prosthetics. 

After graduating from CMU in April 2016 Anika started working and volunteering to gain experience in the industry, make connections and slowly begin expanding her portfolio. 

Currently Anika runs an Instagram page with over 10,000 followers creating content such as chart/infographics about skin and skincare. Reviewing both drugstore and professional skincare companies, while collaborating with well known brands in the past such as Shea Moisture and CeraVe.











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